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Anonymous asked: I want to know why to go fishing in french is- aller à la pêche- which literally means (i believe im correct)- to go to the peach- because I'm pretty sure pêche means peach- why isn't it like- aller à le poisson, of something like that?




simply because la pêche means both “peach” and “fishing” :) and has the same etymology as le poisson meaning “fish”. “to fish” is pêcher.

it’s the same in Italian: la pesca means both “peach” and “fishing”

Whoever thought that fishing and peaches were the same… was obviously on drugs…

They have actually 2 different etymologies!!!

  1.  la pêche (fishing) comes from the verb pêcher (to fish) which comes from the Latin verb piscare which comes from the noun piscis meaning “fish”
  2.  la pêche (peach) comes the Latin word persica meaning “Persian” because this fruit was introduced by the Persians in Europe

This is according to Wiktionary :)

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